A simple, safe approach to improving fitness and function and a mind-body approach to therapeutic exercise. Created by a health professional, Thera-fitness is designed to be engaging, entertaining and interactiveserious learning with a high fun quotient.

  • Thera-Fitness is for:

    • Older adults—and their caregivers
    • People in the workplace
    • Physical and occupational therapists, nurses, workplace wellness directors
    • Nursing homes and rehabilitation centers
  • Thera-Fitness training helps:

    • Improve fitness and function in participants or their clients
    • Reduce injuries
    • Prevent patient falls and falls in the elderly
    • Enhance the professional skills of physical therapists and personal and athletic trainers
  • Our programs are based on a uniquely effective training system that provides participants with skills in Alignment, Breathing and Centering, which are essential to safe, efficient motor-function and injury prevention.

    Learn how these ABCs help people of all ages and levels of fitness to exercise safely!

  • See The ABCs in Action on our DVD:

    The ABCs of Pevention & Fitness Thera-fitness