About Us

About Thera-Fitness

Thera-Fitness, Inc. uses skills and knowledge from physical therapy and mind-body fitness to train older adults and the professionals who work with them. Our approach stands out because it improves function and fitness in a simple, safe way that is also engaging — and fun!

Serious Learning with a High Fun Quotient

People retain what we teach because we engage them through entertaining, interactive, experiential skill-based training. We rev up their enthusiasm and give them more energy, even as we drill in the principles and procedures that will enable them to make safe exercise choices in their daily activities.

We make sure that people understand why and how it’s a good idea to move one way and not another, rather than just saying “Do it this way.” We teach participants the basic principles behind what they are doing. It’s serious material presented with humor, in a way that promotes learning and retention.

Created by a Health Professional

Thera-Fitness was established in 1993 by Vicki Gold, PT, MA, as a fitness program to serve individuals who were medically or physically challenged. Vicki’s expertise in therapeutic exercise, combined with her interest in mind-body approaches to fitness, made her uniquely qualified to create and lead this type of specialized fitness program.

Today Thera-Fitness, Inc. serves professionals, managers and employees in nursing homes and assisted living residences, hospital and rehabilitation centers, as well as group and personal fitness trainers. We work with in-service training specialists; physical, occupational and recreational therapists; recreational and senior fitness group leaders; personal and athletic trainers and workplace wellness managers.

Thera-Fitness, Inc. also serves non-professionals, especially caregivers of older adults. We help them protect their own physical health and well-being, even as they help their patients function with safely and maximum independence. In addition, function and fitness-related programs are available directly to older adults and are offered in specialized settings.

In addition to programs and trainings, we offer products that complement our services.  These include CyberFlex, a versatile stretch resistance device and X-iser, a portable yet durable hydraulic exercise unit. We have selected these products for their ability to provide a wide range of exercises to people at multiple fitness levels – from the very fit to the very frail.  Optimum safety and improved function are the ultimate goals of all Thera-Fitness, Inc. offerings.

About Vicki Gold, PT, MA

Vicki is a multi-talented, highly experienced physical therapist, and a passionate “edu-tainer.”  Over her more than 30 years of clinical and academic practice, she has educated and trained hundreds of patients and clients in techniques that have restored them to independent function, or that have taught them how to move more safely, whether at home or on their jobs.

Participants in her many programs and trainings have benefited from her fun, practical approach to making fitness and function safer and easier – in fact, as easy as the ABCs system she created!

Ms. Gold is a former Director of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program at LaGuardia Community College in New York, and has been on the physical therapy faculties of New York University, Hunter College, of the City of NY and California State College in Fresno, California. Her primary expertise was in kinesiology and physiologic approaches to therapeutic exercise.

Vicki has worked and trained at the prestigious Rusk Institute and the renowned Sloane-Kettering Memorial Hospital in New York.  Her passion for “edu-training” was ignited at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in California, where she was the primary instructor in back injury prevention for all employees. She has also been a supervisor and trainer at a major rehabilitation center in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she created the first procedure manual (translated into Portuguese of course!)

Vicki completed her BA at Hunter College, CUNY, where she majored in physiology, psychology and kinesiology. She received her Certificate in Physical Therapy at New York University, where she later got her Master of Arts in Education and took coursework towards a PhD in biomechanics.

She has also completed trainings in ergonomics through The Back School of Atlanta and in management of patients with osteoporosis through Sara Meeks, PT, seminars.
Vicki’s expertise in the field of therapeutic exercise is the result of training in Proprioceptive-Neuromuscular-Facilitation (PNF) and Neuro-Developmental-Treatment (“NDT”), two specialized treatment approaches for the physically handicapped.  Her early PhD studies in ergonomics and biomechanics enable her to provide meaningful explanations of how and why specific activities can cause or prevent back injuries.

Training in Pilates, Alexander and Feldenkreis techniques, as well as Tai Chi and Yoga, have contributed to Vicki’s appreciation of the roles of core-conditioning and good body alignment.

Vicki’s presentations related to physical therapy, fitness and injury prevention have been seen in multiple locations across the United States.  She has traveled within Europe, Canada, Israel, Mexico and South America and speaks English, Spanish, French and Yiddish.
Ms. Gold is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and the International Dance and Exercise Association (IDEA).  She is a former President of Northern Brookhaven Toastmasters Club, Long Island, NY.