Healthcare Professionals

The three seminars Vicki Gold did….were a tremendous success…She did an excellent job in helping us assimilate exercise into our daily life without it being a bore!…Not only did she show us what to do and how to do it, but she explained why it was necessary…”

– Linda Walker, Federal Court, NY

For Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Facilities


Thera-Fitness services help healthcare professionals and facilities to reduce injuries, prevent patient falls and falls in the elderly and improve patient/client fitness and function.

All programs by Thera-Fitness, Inc. are based on a uniquely effective training system, “The ABCs of Prevention and Fitness – At Home and On-the-Job.”  “The ABCs“ system was created by Vicki Gold to provide participants with skills related to correct Alignment, Breathing and Centering, essential components of safe, efficient motor-function and injury prevention. The ABCs help people of all ages and levels of fitness to exercise safely.

The ABCs integrates basic mind-body techniques with traditional body mechanics and ergonomics.  It has been incorporated into staff training for nurse’s aides in multiple nursing homes, as well as used to help healthcare professionals get optimal therapeutic results with patients.

Facility administrators, in-service education coordinators and workplace wellness directors have the option of having Thera-Fitness provide staff training or of having relevant managers attend a Train-the-Trainer workshop.  Both approaches will open the door to improved employee function and fewer injuries.

Thera-Fitness offers services suitable for a range of healthcare professionals:

  • The ABCs of Patient Ergonomics for Recreational and Activity Programs: For recreational therapists and activity leaders
  • The ABCs of Ergonomics and Injury Prevention in Patient Care Activities: For in-service instructors and coordinators
  • The ABCs of Improved Treatment Outcomes through Ergonomics and Advanced Therapeutic and Mind-Body Techniques: For physical and occupational therapists and assistants and rehabilitation nurses
  • To arrange to have any of these training programs presented at your organization, please contact us at 800-318-8593. We also offer individual training, including in-home training for caregivers who cannot leave their patients.