For Older Adults & Caregivers

Ms. Gold was a delightful leader, joyous and caring of each client…It was a wonderful program—and fun.”

– Ruth Frankel, class attendee

  • Look and feel your best and have fun learning how to do it! Thera-Fitness programs can help improve functional fitness for older adults, prevent falls in the home and outside, and increase your day-to-day safety.
    Whatever your personal goals – keeping physically fit to enjoy your retirement, starting another career, keeping up with grandkids or just maintaining your independence, Thera-Fitness can help. If you are a caregiver for someone else, our programs are particularly valuable – and practical.

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  • The ABCs of Physical Well-Being for Caregivers

    As a caregiver, you are responsible for the care and safety of both you and your patient. This program will improve your ability to provide that care, while decreasing risk of injury to yourself and your patient. You will learn how to safely bend, lift, transfer and walk with patients, thereby decreasing their risk for falls and injuries and increasing their potential for more independent function.

    The program also includes a simple mind-body system for remembering patient-handling techniques, as well as ways to increase strength, flexibility and endurance for yourself, as well as that of the person for whom you are caring. Everyone benefits!

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  • The ABCs of Personal Fitness and Prevention

    Want to get or stay fit and functional, without the need for expensive memberships or equipment? This basic mind-body system of movement for everyday life is ideal. Whether you are still working, retired or even homebound, you can achieve your fitness goals – and have fun too!

    We present the ABCs of Fitness and Prevention as a “system” that improves sagging posture, deepens breathing and enhances physical conditioning when it is incorporated into everyday activities. You will learn how to use of s-l-o-w-m-o-t-i-o-n to improve your strength, motor control and balance. You’ll also learn a sequence of moves that improve safety during bending and lifting activities.

    Better yet – we will show you how to integrate these techniques into your everyday activities. Now everything you do can become part of your “fitness” program at home or on-the-job. It’s as easy as ABC!

    This program has been successfully offered as a tele-course for homebound elderly.

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  • To arrange to have any of these training programs presented at your organization, please contact us at 800-318-8593. We also offer individual training, including in-home training for caregivers who cannot leave their patients.