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Thera-Fitness offers select fitness products chosen for their effectiveness with patients and clients and for their support of personal fitness programs. Several offer isotonic-type resistance, considered uniquely effective for strengthening and conditioning. Every product can be used to facilitate dynamic posture correction and each is versatile, durable and easy to integrate into most rehabilitation or fitness programs.

Each of these products has helped Thera-Fitness clients achieve significant progress in their rehabilitation and fitness goals.


DVD: ABCs of Fitness and Prevention at Home and On-the-Job

16 minutesThe ABCs of Pevention & Fitness Thera-fitness

This video provides key elements of Thera-Fitness’ ABCs program, a system for teaching safe, efficient movement. The ABCs helps individuals develop the strength, balance and coordination they need for optimum function.

Viewers learn to integrate Alignment, Breathing and Centering, Slow-Motion and The Basic Moves™ (a series of bending and lifting tasks) into their daily activities.

This mind-body approach to fitness and functional may be used by professionals in a total rehabilitation plan, or used individually by clients.

Buy the DVD for just $29.95 – Includes S&H

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CyberFlex® – The Interactive Fitness System

Take your fitness center with you!

  • Cyberflex is an extremely portable, high-quality tool for whole body toning and conditioning. This dynamic stretch-resistance product offers rehabilitation, sports and fitness professionals and non-professionals, an unmatched level of exercise versatility in a single device. And it fits in your pocket!

    Cyberflex offers smooth, resistance through full ranges of motion. Features include:

    • Lightweight—carry it anywhere
    • Adjustable length—exercise individual muscles or your whole body
    • Handle/stirrup loops—greater comfort and more exercise options
    • Clip closure–fast, easy configuration changes

    CyberFlex can help you or your clients reach fitness and rehabilitation goals in:

    Strength and endurance, shaping and toning: Appropriate resistance is the key to any strengthening or toning program. With CyberFlex, the user controls the amount of resistance. Use it for isolated muscle or total body conditioning.

    Flexibility/stretching: CyberFlex is firm, yet elastic, allowing for “passive,” “active” or “isometric” types of stretching.  Therapists and trainers familiar with the “contract-relax*” technique of stretching will find CyberFlex to be outstanding for this purpose.

    Balance and coordination:
    By using CyberFlex with a focus on slow, controlled movement, you can increase balance and coordination.

    Stress and weight management: Using slow, rhythmic breathing and slow-motion technique when using CyberFlex can be relaxing. Looking and feeling better as a result of working out with CyberFlex can certainly improve your sense of well-being. Those wanting to lose weight will appreciate the ease of integrating CyberFlex into a basic exercise program.

    $34.95/unit (includes S&H and free instruction booklet)


    Call 800-318-8593 for pricing on purchases of multiple units


  • Cyberflex Thera-Fitness

    Cyberflex customized workout Thera-fitness

  • Not sure how to do it?   Schedule a program to learn: 800-318-8593.


  • Thera-Fitness recommends the X-iser for individuals who need a variable resistance device that can be used by people at all levels of ability – from elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts to the frail elderly. Although it is considered a “stepper,” X-iser is effective for strengthening upper or lower extremities, for core conditioning or cardiac rehab – all without impact. There is no product more effective or versatile for rehabilitation or fitness.

    The X-iser is a unique stepper that also supports sprint/burst training—short periods of intense work alternating with less intense periods. It is invaluable for those seeking an aerobic workout that is more effective than jogging or other traditional cardiovascular exercises. By using the X-iser for burst or interval training, you can get the impact of 60 minutes of traditional cardio in 10 minutes of 30 second bursts.

    The X-iser has adjustable speed and resistance settings, to accommodate a wide range of age and fitness levels. It is the only variable-resistance high-intensity stepper.

  • X-iser Standard Model Thera-fitness


    The XISER is only 14 pounds, making it extremely portable –yet it is built of sturdy aircraft aluminum alloy and is tough enough to be used by sports teams all over the world. The XISER comes with a five-year warranty.

    The XISER currently sells for $299 for the standard model.

    Call 800-318-8593 to order any XISER and get a FREE “The ABCs of Prevention and Fitness – At Home and On-the-Job” DVD from Thera-Fitness, Inc.

  • X-iser Commercial Model Thera-fitness

  • Call for more information about how The X-iser can transform your personal fitness or rehabilitation program. 800-318-8593.


  • Research by Dr. Clinton Rubin, PhD., noted biochemical engineer has led to the creation of this hi-tech, low-intensity vibration plate – LivMD provides a scientifically-proven biological signal designed to improve physiological and neuromuscular health in just 10 minutes a day. Improved bone strength – muscle tone – circulation and more …




  • LivMD-300x195

  • Go to: http://livmd.us/ or call 877-712-6565 for more info

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  • You will never find shoes that are more comfortable or as good for your spine, hips, knees and feet as these strange-looking shoes. Support and shock-absorption are the key ingredients to Z-Coils.

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