Workplace Wellness Professionals

Your topic was received by the audience of 400 with a standing ovation…Your dynamism was most impressive, and your own physical appearance was an advertisement for the lessons that you taught.”

– Charles Cogen, former Program Director, Retired Teacher’s Chapter, United Federation of Teachers

For Workplace Wellness Professionals and Fitness Professionals

iStock_000012707599XSmall-300x199 (1)Thera-Fitness, Inc. and its uniquely effective training system, “The ABCs of Prevention and Fitness – At Home and On-the-Job” help workplace wellness educators to reduce workplace injuries and increase employee satisfaction. We help fitness professionals and personal and athletic trainers to train their clients in how to exercise safely, reduce training injuries and improve function.

Our “ABCs” program integrates basic mind-body techniques with traditional body mechanics and ergonomics. We provide participants with skills related to correct Alignment, Breathing and Centering, essential components of safe, efficient motor-function and injury prevention.

The ABCs of Injury Prevention and Fitness

iStock_000012977779XSmall-300x198For health promotion and worksite wellness educators

Your goal is to improve employee safety and productivity at work, decrease stress and prevent injuries. Thera-Fitness can help.

We offer training in basic ergonomics and select mind-body techniques, using a system that helps employees to learn, understand and retain key safety and performance techniques. Individual instruction and feedback by the presenter ensures effective training. Our worksite trainings can improve employee job satisfaction by providing employees with the ability to better manage their personal physical safety and well-being, in any setting.

We can train a trainer, or instruct employees directly. The program can be customized to the needs of particular companies or industries. The key elements of the system can be reinforced by placing appropriate displays within the work environment. Thera-Fitness will help you develop displays that are right for your company – just ask us.

The ABCs of Fitness and Prevention

iStock_000003254043XSmall-300x199For Fitness Professionals, and Personal and Athletic Trainers

Your objective is to help your clients, from average individuals to elite athletes, accomplish their performance goals.  Thera-Fitness trainings, including the ABCs and our quality training tools, enhance your ability to help clients achieve those goals, while decreasing the risk of injury.

It’s all in the game!

  • To arrange to have any of these training programs presented at your organization, please contact us at 800-318-8593. We also offer individual training, including in-home training for caregivers who cannot leave their patients.