Imagine finding yourself standing taller, breathing more deeply and having greater clarity and focus as you go about your everyday life.  The ABCs of Mind-Body Fitness and Well-Being is the integration of knowledge and skills from multiple mind-body techniques into a simple ABC system. Learn more…

My approach to patient care and injury-prevention expanded as my traditional physical therapy practice evolved, and I began to learn a variety of mind-body systems, like yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Alexander and Feldenkrais Techniques. These trainings, along with therapies and seminars for personal growth, enabled me to create strategies, beyond physical exercise, to help patients move past attitudes and beliefs that limited their abilities to achieve their physical therapy goals. 

Issues like “fear of falling,” or thoughts about what someone believed they could or couldn’t do, had major impacts on a patient’s success.  Ultimately, mind-body strategies like empowering “self-talk” and positive imagery, helped patients move past their limiting thoughts and enabled them to succeed where, before, they had been stuck in “I can’t.”  My physical therapeutic tool-kit was expanding.

The creation of an ABC system evolved out of a perceived need to create a simple, easy to remember and utilize system for improved physical function.  It would distill essential elements of the non-traditional, holistic trainings I had experienced, and teach basic principles and skills for safe, efficient movement, involving posture, breathing and focus.  My ABCs would be Alignment, Breathing and Centering . . . The rest is history!

Today it  is very rewarding to see the joy and satisfaction in people’s faces when they understand, practice and learn to integrate the ABCs into their everyday lives.

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