About Us

Created by physical therapist C. Vicki Gold, PT, MA, Thera-Fitness delivers a unique approach to fitness and well-being that features simple, yet evidence-based mind-body principles and techniques. Originally a specialized exercise program, today Thera-Fitness is a company looking to serve adults of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of ability: At home and on the job.

Thera-Fitness was initially created as a fitness and well-being program for people whose medical or physical conditions made it unsafe, or uncomfortable, for them to attend traditional exercise classes.

Thera-Fitness, Inc. was established in 1995 with the intention of promoting select exercise products, including CyberFlex stretch resistance band, which has since been discontinued from production. (We do still have some in stock. Call for availability and pricing.)

C.  Vicki Gold, PT, MA, is currently retired from her more than 50 years as a practicing physical therapist, educator, and presenter. Vicki’s background, aside from her traditional medical training, has been rich in the area of mind-body well-being. Her trainings and practices have included yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, and Alexander and Feldenkrais techniques. 

Past participation in Landmark Education and other programs for personal growth contribute to the wealth of practical and insightful material offered in Vicki’s dynamic courses and presentations.

Today, Vicki wants to help others achieve the mental and physical well-being she has seen in patients and program participants who have learned and practice her simple ABC system.