What is Thera-Fitness?

Have you ever gone to an exercise class and felt completely out of place?  Was it hard to follow or keep up with the instructor?  Was your ability limited by a medical or physical condition?  That’s why Thera-Fitness was born. ...... Read More

Aligning, Breathing and Centering

Are you dealing with stress these days?  Many people are.   Something else that is common for many people, old and young alike, is neck, back and shoulder pain.  Do you tend to fall or have accidents?  I don’t need ... Read More

Age-defying fitness?

It was just yesterday, at a friend’s home, that I became aware of the fact that even men have vanity about changes that happen when their bodies start aging – even if their minds stay young.  The friend was complaining ... Read More

Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to our blog.  This is a new venture for Thera-Fitness and we hope you will find information of interest and value.  As the primary communicator on this blog, I will be looking forward to questions or items of interest ... Read More