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Regardless of your recreational activity, sport, or athletic profession (dancer, gymnast, ballplayer, etc.) – preventing injuries and performing with greater skill, efficiency, and ease is always a goal. Applying The ABC Mind-Body System can be a great tool for achieving those goals. Try it now: Align, Breathe, Center…

What the Program Is

The ABC Mind-Body System presents a practical toolkit of knowledge, strategies and techniques that improve the performance of any movement skill or physical activity.

We welcome the opportunity to do “Train-the-Trainer” workshops to facilitate greater integration of the system into workplaces and everyday lives! Trainings are customized to your setting, and we welcome the opportunity to work with your in-service coordinator or head of training and development.

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What it Has to Offer

Participants learn and practice basic principles of optimal physical function. Featuring The ABC Mind-Body System, participants have an opportunity to learn how and why to emphasize: Good posture and core-conditioning for optimum trunk control; conscious diaphragmatic breathing for focus and energy; slow-motion for improved strength and balance, and strategies for successful skill-performance. Injury prevention is promoted by learning correct stretching, strengthening and exercise practices.

Who is it For?

Any individual responsible for improving physical skills and function will benefit from The ABC Mind-Body System. This means that anyone of any age can enjoy applying the system to improve their posture, core-conditioning, breathing, and injury prevention.

Vicki Gold

About Vicki

The ABC Mind-Body System was created by Vicki Gold, PT, MA. She provides a unique approach to fitness and well-being using simple but evidence-based mind-body principles and techniques. Vicki looks forward to serving individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of ability.