Healthcare Injury Prevention & Well-Being

The goal of The ABC Mind-Body System is to reduce falls and injuries to patients and staff, improve patient fitness and function, and boost staff morale and productivity. Regardless of the healthcare setting, all staff members are required to learn safe bending, lifting, carrying, and transferring skills. Thera-Fitness-sponsored training help both healthcare professionals and patients.

What the Program Is

Thera-Fitness recognizes the physical and mental challenges present in most healthcare settings. This program provides a hands-on experience with managing many of these issues. 

Using a full or mini-workshop format, interactive and teach-back methods, Thera-Fitness gives participants practical skills and strategies to protect their personal physical and mental well-being, as well as that of their patients/clients.

Healthcare Injury Prevention
Workshop with Vicki

What it Has to Offer

Participants learn how and why to develop good postural Alignment, and correct body mechanics for safe bending, lifting, moving, and carrying objects, or for transferring people. They get education and skill-training in the practice of “Conscious Breathing” for stress-management; improved respiratory capacity, and increased energy.  Centering strategies contribute to improved task management and productivity.

Participants learn how to protect themselves, as well as their patients from back pain, falls, and other injuries, while enhancing their ability to be productive and manage stress effectively. The results are generally improved personal and patient/client fitness and function.  Staff morale and productivity also improve.

Who is it For?

We have designed The ABC Mind-Body System specifically to equip healthcare professionals and workers alike with techniques to help improve their Alignment, Breathing, and Centering.

Vicki Gold

About Vicki

The ABC Mind-Body System was developed by physical therapist C. Vicki Gold, PT, MA. All programs at Thera-Fitness deliver a unique approach to fitness and well-being that features simple, yet evidence-based mind-body principles and techniques. Vicki seeks to serve and equip adults of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of ability.