Worksite Wellness In Non-Healthcare Settings

All workplaces can be a source of employee productivity and job satisfaction with the right attention to worker fitness and well-being. The ABC Mind-Body System presented by Thera-Fitness addresses aspects of both employee and employer’s needs to keep worksites safe and productive. We are here to help.

What the Program Is

All worksite settings require some degree of mental and physical effort. They can also be a source of physical pain, injury, and stress.

The ABC Mind-Body System presents techniques and strategies for minimizing the physical and mental stresses that can negatively affect employee safety, satisfaction, and performance.

Worksite Wellness
Worksite Wellness

What it Has to Offer

Employers learn The ABC Mind-Body System that gives them an easy way to remember and apply practical knowledge and skills. They learn how and why to manage their physical and even mental environments.  Ergonomics are considered, including proper fitting of chairs, desk and work-place set-ups, etc. for maximum comfort and efficiency.

 The result is generally improved comfort, safety, and even productivity both at home, and on the job.

Who is it For?

The ABC Mind-Body System is specifically designed for employers and HR professionals seeking to safely enhance employee safety, job satisfaction, and productivity, using evidence-based mind and body principles.

Vicki Gold

About Vicki

This program was developed by physical therapist C. Vicki Gold, PT, MA. Vicki is the owner of Thera-Fitness and she focuses on providing adults of all ages and backgrounds with unique, simple, and evidence-based mind body principles and techniques.