Senior Citizen Groups & Caregivers

It’s no secret – we are all aging. It’s also no secret that we would all like to do it as safely and well as we can. “Aging in Place” is a term you will hear more and more as time goes on, but keep this mind: “aging” does not mean being old, and taking steps now can help you prevent many of the conditions that characterize the older adult who has not learned the “age-defying” strategies you will learn here.

What the Program Is

The ABC Mind-Body System addresses the special needs and concerns of the older adult, and caregivers, many of whom are older adults themselves. Interactive, and individualized to participant interests and concerns, this program provides foundational information about physical and mental well-being.

As with all Thera-Fitness offerings, The ABC Mind-Body System is featured, which seeks to facilitate understanding and application of the principles and skills presented.

Senior Citizen Groups & Caregivers
Senior Citizen Groups & Caregivers

What it Has to Offer

Increased confidence in one’s ability to age more safely, independently, and well is a common outcome of this Thera-Fitness presentation. How and why good posture leads to improved appearance and function; how to use conscious breathing for reducing stress and improving energy; how to focus efforts to avoid falls and accidents; what activities lead to better strength and balance . . . are just some of the benefits participants get from this program.

Who is it For?

Anyone who is “aging,” and hopefully we all are, benefits from this program. It is particularly valuable to older adults who are taking steps that will allow them to “age-in-place.”  Whether the older adult is functionally independent, has or is a caregiver, they are seeking ways to stay as pain and injury-free as possible. At the same time, they need and want to manage their self-care, health, and well-being.

Vicki Gold

About Vicki

Physical therapist C. Vicki Gold, PT, MA, developed The ABC Mind-Body System to support both older adults and caregivers. She focuses on delivering an evidence-based approach to fitness and well-being. Thera-Fitness programs support adults of all levels of ability, ages, and backgrounds – both at home and in the workplace.