Aligning, Breathing and Centering

Are you dealing with stress these days?  Many people are.   Something else that is common for many people, old and young alike, is neck, back and shoulder pain.  Do you tend to fall or have accidents?  I don’t need to tell you that none of these things is good for your mind or body.

Here’s something for you to try: “Align, Breath and Center.”  

Using this simple ABC system has helped many people move through their daily lives with greater safety, comfort and ease.  It addresses many of the physical and mental issues that may be causing those aches, pains and accidents by making you conscious of your posture and breathing.   That consciousness is a form of “mindfulness” and it’s the beginning of making meaningful changes in how you move through your day.

How do you do it?  First – STOP whatever you are doing!  Take a moment to take a slow, deep breath – in through your nose.  Hold it a couple of seconds before slowly blowing it out through pursed lips.  Repeat this a few times, placing a bigger emphasis on that slow, prolonged exhalation.  Think of a leaky tire as it is losing air.

As you are enjoying those slow, relaxed breaths, allow your body to get taller.  Whether you are sitting or standing, imagine yourself lengthening and opening.  That is a great mental image for getting good posture, and I’m a big believer in using mental imagery for achieving goals.

 Hopefully, you have been focused on just the two activities above, Aligning and Breathing.  Being free of distractions as you do those things is a form of Centering.  

Now I encourage you to integrate the ABC system into your everyday lives.  Every time you go to do an activity, at home or on the job – STOP – Align – Breathe – Center and then progress with what you need to do.

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