Age-defying fitness?

It was just yesterday, at a friend’s home, that I became aware of the fact that even men have vanity about changes that happen when their bodies start aging – even if their minds stay young.  The friend was complaining about his budding double chin.  I had to laugh.  When I do workshops and teach people to tuck their chins and raise the back of their heads up so their spine lengthens – I have to say that, at my age (70+), I have to tuck my two chins.  That always gets a chuckle.

I’m also remembering a former male patient.  His shoulder pain was successfully treated with physical therapy, but then, at the end of his last visit, he said to me, “Now that my shoulder is fixed, can you get rid of my pot belly?”  “Sure” I said.  “Stand up straight!”  The next thing we knew, his chest was expanded, his shoulders rolled back, he was taller and had no pot belly!  He couldn’t have been happier.

That’s one of the “age-defying” strategies we can all start practicing today.  Do you have some age-defying strategies to share?  Let me  know.