Getting Fit For The New Year

Are you as excited about the start of 2023 as I am?  No, I haven’t made any specific “resolutions.”  However, I am in action to realize dreams that refuse to die.  At age 78, I’d better stay moving and “in action” if those dreams are going to become realities.

What are my dreams?  Mostly they center around staying healthy and fit.  How else can I expect to continue the writing, speaking, and traveling that I intend as part of my future?

What am I writing and speaking about?  It’s the simple ABC system I created more than 25 years ago that we can all use to improve our mental and physical states.

Think about it.  How often do you not function safely or optimally because of mental distractions – like stress and attempts to multitask?  Do you experience aches, pains, stiffness, and other conditions frequently associated with “aging?”  I do!

How To Minimize Stress When Aging

There’s no question that staying stress-free, physically conditioned, and functionally independent can be challenging.  If you are fortunate, with age has come wisdom and effective strategies for managing stress and physical conditioning.

I do recognize that aging can also bring stresses that we may not have had when we were younger.  For instance, where to live if we can no longer manage on our own?  Issues with aging relatives?  Issues with children, etc.?

How Alignment, Breathing and Center Improve Mind-Body Well-Being

Which brings me to The ABC Mind-Body System.  It has taken years of work as a traditionally trained physical therapist, and even more years of training in systems for mind-body well-being, to ultimately be able to create The ABCs – Alignment, Breathing, and Centering.

My experience with patients and workshop participants has demonstrated how effective this simple approach to mental and physical well-being can be.

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