Nurturing Your Health and Well Being

Are the May flowers blooming in your yard – or at least in your heart? Can you picture yourself as one of the flowers
about to bloom? May is a perfect time for noticing and nurturing what Mother Nature has provided, including your
sense of self – in all its beauty and possibility.

This is a wonderful time to appreciate your body and mind, and to begin to care for them in ways that allow them to
flourish and reach their full potential – like a blossoming flower. How do you do that?

The first thing is to become mindful of how your personal “garden” is doing. Is the soil (your body) rich in nutrients,
so it can support your health and well-being? In other words, are you eating wholesome foods and drinking pure,
clean, water? They will provide the fuel (nutrients) your body and mind need for optimum functioning.

Are you standing tall and breathing deeply? Together those things will energize the flower that is you. (Have I’ve
gotten too poetic for you? It must be the Spring air.)

The fact remains that each of us has potential that is unique to us alone. Unfortunately, the weeds of negative
thinking often block what’s possible. The good news is that those weeds can be pulled and replaced by thoughts that
can allow you to flourish.

That brings me to a book I have just been invited to review, “A Guide for Aging Heros,” by Randolph Harrison, Med.
with Erica Schwarting. (It will come out on Amazon in July and can be pre-ordered.) Talk about positive thinking –
with actual plans for getting results!)

What else can you do to help you Spring into your best shape? Of course I’m going to encourage you to learn my
ABC Mind-Body System. Learning to develop good postural Alignment, and strengthening your core muscles, allow
your spine to be the tall, beautiful support it was meant to be.

Manage the stress that can be so destructive to your physical and mental well-being by learning to do conscious
Breathing. Turning your attention to your breath is a distraction from troubling thoughts. Paying more attention to
the exhalation portion of your breath actually has positive effects on your body chemistry.

Learning to Center, the “C” of The ABC Mind-Body System, helps you have a singular focus on any activity you may be
doing. That can help you avoid the accidents or injuries that could occur when your body is doing one thing, while
your mind is somewhere else.

All that being said, I hope this article has stimulated your interest in having your health and well-being supported and

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