Self-Love Is In the Air!

This is the month of LOVE!  And what’s one of the best kinds of love?  Self-love!  I am not referring to narcissism, which is all about ego.  I am referring to self-care – having love and respect for your body and well-being.

How do you start having self-love if it has been missing in your life?  I think many people would tell you it begins with your Attitude. 

I capitalize the “A,” because years after The ABC Mind-Body System was created, (Alignment, Breathing, and Centering), I came up with another ABC system for creating change in one’s life: Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitment.

How Do Attitudes And Beliefs Impact Your Ability to Self-Love?

It’s valuable to consider the distinction between Attitudes, and Beliefs.  Generally, the former can be more easily changed.  For example, how often have I stood in front of a mirror on a morning that I might not be looking or feeling my best?  Then, I wash my face, put on a little make-up, and comb my hair.  That creates a change in my appearance, and my Attitude changes to something like, “If I look this good, I can’t possibly feel that bad.”

OK.  That may be too simplistic, and maybe a little crazy.  But my belief is that doing something to give you a more positive Attitude is very valuable.  Sometimes it might be something as minor as putting on an outfit in which you stand taller and feel more confident.  Sometimes it’s just giving yourself something you need or want, like your own birthday card and flowers.  (I did that once.)

Beliefs are another thing.  I think it’s fair to say that that they go deeper than Attitude.  They are generally ingrained from our childhood and aren’t as easily changed.  Our cultures include many imbedded Beliefs, some of which impact our Attitudes about ourselves.  For example, “You’re too old to be doing that.”  “Women don’t do that kind of thing.”  “Real men don’t cry.“  “You should . . .”  “You shouldn’t . . .”  Blah, blah, blah . . .

Now – what if those Attitudes or Beliefs that don’t serve you?  Maybe they limit your ability to do, be, or have everything you dream of in life.

Is It Your Time To Make a Commitment Self-Love?

Here’s where the “C” of Commitment comes in.

My suggestion is that you decide what Attitudes or Beliefs you would benefit from changing or at least modifying.  Then “Commit” yourself to taking the necessary steps to create more positive and productive Attitudes and Beliefs.  Find a friend or coach with whom you can start making those changes.

As you are contemplating this alternative ABC system, don’t forget to be Aligning, Breathing, and Centering!

Schedule a 15-minute consultation to discover what a difference learning The ABC System can make in “the ways you move through life.”

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Schedule a 15-minute consultation to discover what a difference learning The ABC System can make in “the ways you move through life.”


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