What is Thera-Fitness?

Have you ever gone to an exercise class and felt completely out of place?  Was it hard to follow or keep up with the instructor?  Was your ability limited by a medical or physical condition? 

That’s why Thera-Fitness was born.

In 1993 a local gym for people over 50 years old invited me to do a specialized exercise class.  Of course, it needed a name and, since I was a physical therapist leading the class, “Thera”-“Fitness” seemed perfect.

The ABC system I mentioned in a previous post, Alignment, Breathing and Centering, was instituted during these classes.   Each session began with participants seated.  They were then lead in posture, breathing and seated stretching exercises before breaking up to do individually selected activities.

Personal attention and activity selection was provided according to individual capabilities and needs is part of what made Thera-Fitness a unique offering.  Participants loved it.  There was great comradery and motivation as group members cheered each other on as they worked towards their respective goals.

The group would reconvene again for the last few minutes of the class for “cooling down” with final breathing and stretching activities. Would you like to know how to use principles of Thera-Fitness and The ABC system to improve your own fitness and well-being?  Contact us for FREE Thera-Fitness Exercise Guidelines.

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