How do I manage shortness of breath?

Physical, medical and mental conditions, such as anxiety and stress, can cause shortness of breath (SOB).  The first thing to do is try to get someplace quiet and comfortable. Become conscious of your breathing and begin to gain control over ... Read More

How can I manage my osteoporosis?

Among the recommended things: Get a rheumatologist’s opinion about appropriate medical treatments; learn how to exercise safely so you can prevent the fractures and deformities all too common with this condition; practice good posture and bodyRead More

How can I look younger without surgery?

Standing straight, walking tall, smiling and having a positive attitude may not Take away your wrinkles and double chin, but they can do wonders for having you look and feel your best and are wonderful “age-defying” strategies. Under-eyeRead More

How do I improve my endurance?

Respiratory capacity is a big factor for endurance and can be improved by Learning conscious breathing techniques.  Practice breathing only through your nose; focus on slow-prolonged exhalations, and learn to integrate your breathing with activityRead More

Why does my back hurt?

Take a look at your posture and how you do things like bend, lift and carry objects. Many cases of back, neck and shoulder pain are relieved when people learn how to correctly align their bodies when they are standing, ... Read More

How can I manage stress better?

Conscious breathing is one of the most effective techniques for managing stress. Slow your breathing down. Take a small breath in through your nose and very slowly breathe out through your nose, or through pursed lips. ... Read More